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Getting to the HEART of Relationships

The MAGIC of Relationships and Their Power to HEAL, a Guide to Creating Mutually Supportive and Loving Relationships

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Gold Award Winner 2023 Midwest Book Awards.
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Carla's  Story

Carla Pritchett is a writer, speaker, group facilitator, former hospice bereavement coordinator, and artist. Carla’s heart and passions are reflected in the quality of her relationships. She loves to travel, journal in coffee shops, study metaphysics and the healing arts and spend time in nature. Her life continues to be a total learning experience and she feels it a great privilege to share this hard-earned wisdom with others.

What People Are Saying:

"Brilliantly written, well organized, easy to read and absorb."

"Provides significant insight into how and why we fail or succeed when interacting with others. Very healing and empowering through conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. Incredible guidance to mind body spirit healing."

"Look forward to more by this author."

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Relationships are opportunities to learn and to grow. Often that isn’t how we approach them and because of that we are quickly disillusioned. We need to go deeper within ourselves to discover the real meaning of love. We think love is something someone else gives to us. We think love given to us is conditional so we try to live our lives to please another. What if instead we learn to be true to ourselves and to give ourselves the love we think we so need from another. We will find the magic in loving ourselves more fully enables others to do so too. We need to look within for the love we want. We need to build a strong and loving relationship with ourselves first. This book is a guide to doing just that. We can learn to love ourselves and in doing so strengthen and deepen the loving connections and exchanges we have with others.


Carla Pritchett interviewed by Annie Meehan on H3 TV regarding how Disruption touches all our lives, talks about how to Navigate with Hope, Health, and Happiness

Getting To The Heart Of Relationships is a book that does just that. You will be encouraged to examine your own choices, beliefs, and behaviors, as well as exploring what you want and are willing to do to have healthy relationships. Carla Pritchett has done an excellent job with examples and questions that incite self-reflection and growth.

Colleen Baldrica, Ph.D.,

Author of Tree Spirited Woman.

Who, what, when, where, and how are the questions author Carla Pritchett asks the reader to help analyze our relationships. Her well-organized and comprehensive study gives the reader insights to better understand our successes and failures when interacting with others. She provides a "powerful tool for growth and learning" on this school of Earth. Truly a "work of heart."

Christie Sales

"Very Sage Advice. This book really gets you to think about the root cause of unsuccessful relationships and provides ways of improving communication to avoid making the same mistakes."

Julie K.

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